Alligators / Illegal Activity / Violations

Alligators/Illegal Activity/Violations

Report all violations of wildlife shootings, illegal fishing, etc. to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FLFWC).  Do not call a Trustee in order to provide first hand information.  You can remain anonymous.  Also remember, they can do nothing without subject information. 

Call: 24/7 -888-404-3922

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: click "Contact" on the upper blue bar, then click "Report a Wildlife Law Violation".


Nuisance Alligators:

Report to FL Fish & Wildlife by calling 866-392-4286

Remember alligators are protected and can exist in any body of water. The FLFWC will remove gators of 4 feet or more. In addition, the gator must be a menace to you, your family or your pets. Please do not call the FLFWC and state you saw a gator and  request the gator be removed. The FLFWC will not remove unless the gator is a menace.



Illegal Activity on the Dams: Including fishing or swimming off the dams.

Call the Clay County Sheriff's Office 904-264-6512

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