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Lake Level Update


All three lakes are well above normal. All three valves on South Lake Asbury & Lake Asbury are wide open. Water is going over the top of the Lake Ryan Kettle. Some homes on the West Finger of Lake Asbury are having trouble with their septic tanks. Water is over several bulkheads on Lake Asbury.

Water is going over the Lake Asbury spillway for only the fifth time in 30 years.

Please remind all your neighbors that the lakes can be used but NO WAKE. Wakes could damage lake residential property, especially bulkheads. Boaters creating wakes that damage property can be sued by another resident. Please, let’s all be good neighbors.

Debby may hang around for several days. The situation is what it is. We received 4 inches of rain since 12:30 AM this morning, and more is on the way.

The Lake Committee will always err on the side of public safety. Remember, we can only guess at the amount of rainfall and how much runoff water is coming from Seminole Village & Henley Road. The runoff from these two areas is running hot & heavy. The valves leak, and are turned by hand. Please understand, and bear with us.

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