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Agenda August 2012

Pdf version of upcoming August 2012 Agenda


Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

Board Meeting August 6, 2012 Agenda

282 Branscomb Rd. (Lake Asbury Community Center)

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

1. Call to Order – Chairman McMillan

2. Roll/Quorum – Chairman McMillan

3. Administrative Announcements: to the members in the audience: 1) If you wish to discuss anything on the agenda or not on the agenda, please complete a question request sheet and give to the Chairman. These discussions will take place as designated in the agenda.

If a non district member wishes to speak or comment, the issue will be taken up in the New Business section at the pleasure of the Board. It should be noted the Board does not have to allow a non district member to speak.

2) All members must speak from the podium, beginning with name, address & if you live within the boundaries of LAMSBD.

3) Members who wish to speak must first be recognized and can speak for five minutes. The five minutes includes comments from the Chair or Board Members with approval of the Chair.

Speakers can only be recognized by the Chairman, Board Members may not recognize, Board Members may make a request the Chairman to recognize a speaker.

Members may be requested to speak by the Chair on a selected basis during meetings for additional information, clarification, etc.

The following individuals may be requested by the Chair to speak at any time for advice or information: District Attorney, District Engineer, District Member Bob Rumble (Mr. Rumble has acted as District Historian, Past District Secretary, District Coordinator of the Reserve Study, District Coordinator of Certification of Assessments).

To the Trustees: All Trustees, including Board Officers must vote. 2) A Trustee with a conflict of interest regarding business before the Board must declare that conflict before the vote with the Chair. The District Attorney may be consulted on this issue. In addition, if a Trustee needs to leave early, the Trustee needs to advise the Chair. An important issue may need to be moved up for discussion earlier for approval & vote.

3) In an effort to maintain a flow of great ideas, The Board will rely on Florida Court ruling, Case # 1D09-1659, on March 10, 2010, the court reconfirmed Section 285.911 (1) Florida Statues (The FL Sunshine Law), Citizens have a right to attend these meetings, but citizens do not have the right to speak.

These rules have developed because our meetings have run almost four hours at times.

4. Approval of Minutes: July 2, 2012 Regular Meeting; Motion & Approval

June 18, 2012 Loan Signing; Motion & Approval

5. Treasurer: Treasurer Report for August 6, 2012; Motion & Approval

6. Approval of Checks: Checks for August 6, 2012; Motion & Approval

7. Staff Reports:

a. District Engineer Mike Kelter

b. District Attorney Wayne Flowers


8. Trustee Reports:

a. Chairman

b. Vice Chairman

c. Trustees

Tom Petrucci

1. Update on loan

2. Internet Website

Carl Kocher

1. Review of Trustee Protocol: Recommended changed for trustee scope of work including attendance at meetings, monthly financial review, check signing, etc.

9. New Business

a. Public Hearing on proposed FY 2012/13 Budget

b. Approval of FY 2012/13 budget and Resolution 12-01 Adopting FY 2012/13 Budget - Motion & Approval

c. Approval of Resolution 12-03 Certifying the Non-Ad Valorem Assessment for the 2012/13 budget – Motion & Approval

d. Approval of Amended Budget for FY 2011/12 & Resolution 12-05 Adopting the FY 2011/12 Amended budget – Motion & approval

10. Adjournment – The next meeting will be September 10, 2012.

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