Monthly Agenda

Agenda August 2016


Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

Board Meeting August 1, 2016 Agenda

282 Branscomb Rd. (Lake Asbury Community Center)

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

1. Call to Order – Chairman McMillan


2. Roll/Quorum – Chairman McMillan


3. Administrative Announcements:


To the members in the audience:

1) If you wish to discuss anything on the agenda or not on the agenda, please complete a question

request sheet and give to the Chairman. These discussions will take place as designated in the

agenda or in the New Business section if the item is not on the agenda.


2) All members must speak from the podium, beginning with name, address & if you live within

the boundaries of LAMSBD.


3) Members who wish to speak must first be recognized and can speak for five minutes. The five

minutes includes comments from the Chair or Board Members with approval of the Chair.

Speakers can only be recognized by the Chairman, Board Members may not recognize, Board

Members may make a request the Chairman to recognize a speaker.

Members may be requested to speak by the Chair on a selected basis during meetings for

additional information, clarification, etc.


The District Attorney and District Engineer may be requested by the Chair to speak at any time

for advice or information.


To the Trustees:

   (1) All Trustees, including Board Officers must vote. A Trustee with a conflict of interest

regarding business before the Board must declare that conflict with the Chair before the vote.

The District Attorney may be consulted on this issue.

(2) If a Trustee needs to leave early, the Trustee needs to advise the Chair. An important issue

may need to be moved up for discussion earlier for approval & vote.


4. Approval of Minutes: July 11, 2016 Regular Meeting; Motion & Approval


5. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report for August 1, 2106; Motion & Approval


6. Approval of Checks: Checks for August 1, 2016; Motion & Approval


7. Staff Reports:

     A. District Engineer Mike Kelter

     B. District Attorney Wayne Flowers

     C. Secretary


8. Trustee Reports:

     A. Chairman

     B. Vice Chairman

     C. Trustees

9. Old Business:

     A. Tree and brush removal from fingers

     B. Lake Ryan dam design and permitting update.

10. New Business:

     A. Renewal of aquatic weed permit

     B. Comments from District Members


11. Adjournment – The next meeting will September 12, 2016.

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