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This website belongs to Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD), a Florida Special District with taxing authority over all lake lot property on Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury & Lake Ryan as defined by the Charter.


Our mission is to maintain the lakes and dams per the Charter for the benefit and enjoyment of the lake residents.



Melody Pickens, Secretary, Lake Asbury Municipal Benefit District


There could be no bigger news than Hurricane Irma. LAMSBD board members and

district engineer, Mike Kelter, came together to manage lake water levels both

before and after the storm. Mr. Kelter has requested assistance from FEMA for

storm damage. He estimates that about 10,000 cubic yards of sediment were

washed in the lakes.

On August 19, our district engineer and members of the board made repairs to the

Lake Ryan sediment trap at 762 Lake Asbury Drive. Two pallets of riprap were

stacked along the bank and around the trap. The work was completed for a fraction

of the cost of hiring the job out.

The board is working closely with Dale Smith, Public Works director, Clay County, to

identify various problems related to erosion and sediment runoff. Some of the

problem spots identified are: Hazelwood Hole (nickname for the steep finger that is

continually collapsing and pushing out sediment), erosion at the finger at 287

Arthur Moore, the dip at 166 Wesley Road, all of the smart boxes, and ditch paving

at 458 Branscomb Road.

LAMSBD welcomed new board member, Scott McCallister. 



March 5, 2018 

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May 7, 2018

June 4, 2018


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