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Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD)

The Lake Asbury Municipal Benefit District (LAMSBD) is seeking an individual interested in volunteering their service as a member to Seat 1. Applicant must live within the Lake Asbury district boundaries. The committee members serve in the capacity of an owner association to ensure the continued maintenance, improvement and prevention of deterioration of the lakes known as Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury, and Lake Ryan in Clay County, Florida, as described in Ordinance 85-33, adopted May 14, 1985.  The appointed member will be required to submit Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest, and an Oath of Office that is notarized and sent to the Florida Division of Elections, along with a personal check in the amount of $10.00.

If you are interested in serving on one of the BCC Boards, Commissions, or Committees, please click on the Citizen Application form (https://www.claycountygov.com/about-us/local-government/citizen-application-form) fill it out, and submit it. You may submit only one application for each committee vacancy. A new application must be submitted for each committee vacancy. Applications will not be kept after a vacancy has been filled. 

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This website belongs to Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD), a Florida Special District with taxing authority over all lake lot property on Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury & Lake Ryan as defined by the Charter.


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Our mission is to maintain the lakes and dams per the Charter for the benefit and enjoyment of the lake residents.


 November 12th, 2018  (2nd Monday due to Election Day)

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Future Meeting Dates:

December 3rd, 2018

January 7, 2019

February 4, 2019

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