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This website belongs to Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD), a Florida Special District with taxing authority over all lake lot property on Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury & Lake Ryan as defined by the Charter.


Our mission is to maintain the lakes and dams per the Charter for the benefit and enjoyment of the lake residents.

 A message from the LAMSBD secretary - 


Melody Pickens, Secretary, LAMSBD


Both the LAMSBD and LALLOA board urge residents to keep trespassers off of the

Lake Asbury and South Lake Asbury dams. The reason for keeping people off of the

dams is to prevent erosion. Once started, erosion continues on its own, threatening

the integrity of the dams. It must be repaired and that is costly. Recent trespassers

have knocked down pavers from the South lake dam by climbing up and down the

face of the dam. Trespassers have also climbed over the gates at the dam, damaging

them (another cost). A new trend in trespassing is bicycling to the dams. Friends

and relatives should never be invited or encouraged to fish from the dam. If you

witness trespassers and don’t want to approach them yourself, please call the local

Clay County Sheriff’s Office at 269-6512 to report them. Don’t call your board

chairman or members. The police expect to be called by witnesses. Please remind

the police that they should get out of their cars to look because the trespassers may

be hiding in the spillway.


Lake Asbury now has a designated parking area, large enough for a boat and trailer,

defined by sign placement on the dam fencing.

Shad have not yet been added though if you have been watching your spatterdock,

you may have witnessed the recent spawn of current resident shad.


The board decided against filing a claim with FEMA for damage caused by Hurricane

Matthew. What damage our engineer could detect could hardly be discerned from typical runoff and debris.


August 7, 2017
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Future Meeting Dates:

September 11, 2017          (2nd Monday due to Labor Day)

October 2, 2017

November 6, 2017 

December 4, 2017

 Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD)

The Lake Asbury Municipal Benefit District (LAMSBD) is seeking an

individual interested in volunteering their service as a member to Seat

5. Applicant must live within the Lake Asbury district boundaries. The

committee members serve in the capacity of an owner association to

ensure the continued maintenance, improvement and prevention of

deterioration of the lakes known as Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury,

and Lake Ryan in Clay County, Florida, as described in Ordinance

85-33, adopted May 14, 1985. Seat 5 member will serve until the next

General election of November 2018, which at that time will be

required to re-qualify to continue serving through the end of the term

for Seat 5 to November, 2020. The appointed member will be

required to submit Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest, and an

Oath of Office that is notarized and sent to the Florida Division of

Elections, along with a personal check in the amount of $10.00.

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