Lake Asbury dredging project

In 2006 Dredge America was hired to perform the tasks associated with the dredging of both the South Lake and North Lake.  The South Lake had the greatest need for dredging for many reasons including the runoff from the dirt roads--the roads have now been paved by the county.

The LAMSBD board extended the project to include all the fingers on the North Lake when the first part of the project came in under budget.  We'd never have a better opportunity than when the dredging crew was on hand.

The spoils were been deposited and managed on the lot behind the firehouse on Branscomb Rd. and the resulting dirt was sold to partially off-set the cost of the project.

Dredge America in Lake Asbury -- the north lake.  Photo by Stibolt

Working a finger on the north lake--the spoils are pumped through the black pipe to a containment lot.

Clearing clay from the rotor.

In addition to clay in some of these fingers, stumps were ground up and removed.  Note the large piece of stump on the dock. This means that the fingers in the lake are now deeper than their original level.

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