Referendum / HB1547

2010 Referendum


Resolution 10-04 Intent to Levy Increased Assessment in order to properly care for and maintain the three lakes and dams within the district has been recorded with Clay County Clerk of Courts and filed to Clay County.

View the submitted Resolution 10-04 here.


Resolution 10-03 Reducing LAMSBD Ad Valorem Tax to zero mil has been recorded with Clay County Clerk of Courts and filed to Clay County.

View the submitted Resolution 10-03 here.



The Referendum / HB1547 passed with 230 Yes votes and 164 No votes.


A mail referendum will be held by the Clay Elections office between 5-24-10 and 6-29-10. June 29th is the last day ballots can be received. The ballots cannot be post marked June 29th; the ballots must be received by June 29th. All registered voters in the district are eligible.

View the sample ballot:

May 31st : Last Day to register to vote prior to the referendum.
June 9th – 19th: Local ballots will be mailed
June 29th: Ballots must be received in the Supervisor of Elections office.

Brief history of events how the referendum came about.
At the overwhelming request of the residents, your LAMSBD board, Representative Bill Proctor and Clay delegation members have appealed to the legislature to allow our district to increase the $100 assessment set in 1986 so that we can maintain our lakes, dams and property values.  After 3 years, the power to control the assessment is finally in the hands of the residents who pay it.  The passage of HB 1547 simply allows the voters in Lake Asbury to set our own assessment by means of a referendum, and only a referendum can increase the maximum allowable assessment.

Over the past years, the board has been soliciting input from residents through meetings and the vision committee as well as reviewing years of research, studies, and recommendations.

At the beginning of 2010, the district began working with Mike Kelter, of Legacy Civil Engineers Inc. to review and prioritize the needs of the district and develop a Public Facilities Plan.

In May of 2010, the board held a town hall meeting to discuss the identified capital projects and other needs of the district.  Residents were encouraged to attend and those who did take time to attend were able to engage in a meaningful discussion with the board to agree on priorities, what level of assessment is seen as reasonable and necessary, and whether or not the ad valorem (1 mil) should be replaced by a straight assessment. The overwhelming consensus from this meeting resulted in setting the South Lake Asbury Dam as the #1 capital project priority, reinstate weed control, water quality, legal services, address critical maintenance projects, and to leave the ad valorem as a separate tax item.  The $600 includes the original $100 assessment, resulting in a maximum proposed increase of $500 annually per lot.

To learn more:
Review the district charter
Visit for details on the Bill.

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