Book of Resolutions

Book of Resolutions

Resolution 13-01 2013-2014 Budget

Resolution 13-02 Non-Ad Valorem Assessment

Resolution 13-03 No Millage Be Levied

Resolution 10-01 Resolution calling for a Referendum election regarding the district's per lot assessment.

Resolution 10-02 Resolution Levying Non Ad valorem $600 Assessments

Resolution 10-03 Reducing LAMSBD Ad Valorem Tax to zero mil.

Resolution 10-04 Intent to Levy Increased Assessment in order to properly care for and maintain the three lakes and dams within the district.

Resolution 10-05 Resolution requesting the Board of Clay County Commissioners to approve the annual budget.

Resolution 10-06 Resolution that certifies the assessments for the Non Ad valorem assessment for the 2010-2011 tax years

Resolution 11-01 Resolution for Special Election for the purpose of Electing Members of the Board of Trustees.

Resolution 11-02 Resolution affirming and ratifying acts taken at the Feb 18, 2011 Board meeting.

Resolution 11-03 Resolution to approve and adopt a levy of 0 mill for 2011-2012 Tax Year.

Resolution 11-04 Resolution requesting budget approval by County Commissioners of Clay county .

Resolution 11-05 Resolution that certifies the assessments for the Non Ad valorem assessment for the 2011-2012 tax years

Resolution 12-01 Resolution adopting a final budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 providing an effective date.

Resolution 12-02 Resolution advising the CCBOCC that no Ad Valorem Millage be levied by or on behalf of the District.

Resolution 12-03 Resolution establishing a non-ad valorem assessment for fiscal year 2012-2013

Resolution 12-04 Resolution for spillway loan

Resolution 12-05 Resolution amending 2011-2012 budget

Resolution 15-01 Resolution No Ad Valorem Tax Levy

Resolution 15-02 Resolution Final Budget

Resolution 15-03 Resolution Non Ad Valorem Assessment & Roll

Resolution 17-01

Resolution 17-02

Resolution 17-03

Resolution 18-01

Resolution 18-02

Resolution 18-03


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