District Engineer

LAMSBD District Engineer: Mike Kelter, Legacy Civil Engineers, Inc.

Find up to date information from the contractor regarding the South Lake Asbury Improvement Project. (SLAIP)


  • Click on the SJRWMD permitting portal link below to see the up to date permits filed.


Follow these instructions:

You will see four boxes.  Leave the first two boxes blank.
a.    In the box labeled “APPLICATION/PERMIT #”   type in the following numbers:  130559
b.    In the box labeled “SEQ #” type in the following number:  1
c.    Click the button labeled SUBMIT
d.    The e-Permitting page for your project will open.  On the bottom box on the left side of the page you will find the Permit Number:  4-019-130559-1. 
e.    Click this number.  On the bottom of the page that opens you will see listed all documents and files submitted to date.

SJRWMD permitting portal

Additional information