Seat 5 Notice

Click here to print Chris Chambless, Supervisor of Elections Letter  

Chris Chambless, Clay County Supervisor of Elections attended the October 3rd LAMBD Board Meeting to stress the importance of complying with the special requirements to vote for LAMSBD's Seat 5.

He explained that residents who plan to vote in the November 6th Election and for a candidate for Seat 5 (Janet Lankes or Tom Chandler) need to fully understand the requirements

Most important issue is, who can vote.

Please review letter from Mr Chris Chambless, dated Sept 14, 2012 and Declaration of Ownership Form attached.

He stated the best case scenario is to vote by mail and include the signed Declaration Form
(No need to be notarized) or to vote early at the Main Clay Elections Office, 1417-1 South Orange, Green Cove Springs, FL

If you wait until Election Day, Precinct 504 at the Lake Asbury Community Center maybe very busy.  Standing in line to complete the Declaration of Ownership Form could be a real task.

Mr. Chambless stated by voting early at the Main Clay Elections Office the personnel can better handle the issues.
For additional information concerning Early Voting and Voting by Mail call 904-269-6350 or Website:

Please click here to print out Declaration of Ownership form

Lake Level Videos

Chairman Mark McMillan & District Engineer hard at work in the rain opening the Lake Ryan valve. As you can tell some duties can be dangerous. 


Lake Asbury valve kettle


Lake Asbury Spillway with a 6 1/2" flow of water


Spillway Dumping Water in to Black Creek


Lake Ryan water going over the kettle


Lowe River - Water moving from Seminole Village


Lake Teamworth - Water going over the passive dam kettle


South Lake Asbury - Valve kettle closed 3" above normal


Runoff from Henley Road


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