Alligators / Illegal Activity / Violations


The road over the dam is open. The project is complete except for security fencing around the spillway and a concrete flume with curbing to be built at the east end to divert water off the road into the lake.  The total project is approx. $670,000 without Clay County tax funds.

We want to thank Clay County Commissioner Ronnie Robinson, Clay County Manager Stephanie Kopelousos, Clay County Project Administrator Shawn Thomas and Lake Asbury Community Association Chairman Gayward Hendry & representatives from LALLOA for attending the ribbon cutting ceremony

The new spillway has already become an attraction for a number of people using it for a variety of activities.  Please note that all activity including: walking, fishing, parking, use of ATV’s or golf carts is prohibited on the dam or spillway. The area around the spillway is very slick and dangerous.  The Clay Sheriff’s Office has been advised.

Alligators/Illegal Activity/Violations

Report all violations of wildlife shootings, illegal fishing, etc. to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission (FLFWC).  Do not call a Trustee in order to provide first hand information.  You can remain anonymous.  Also remember, they can do nothing without subject information. 

Call: 24/7 -888-404-3922

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: click "Contact" on the upper blue bar, then click "Report a Wildlife Law Violation".


Nuisance Alligators:

Report to FL Fish & Wildlife by calling 866-392-4286

Remember alligators are protected and can exist in any body of water. The FLFWC will remove gators of 4 feet or more. In addition, the gator must be a menace to you, your family or your pets. Please do not call the FLFWC and state you saw a gator and  request the gator be removed. The FLFWC will not remove unless the gator is a menace.



Illegal Activity on the Dams: Including fishing or swimming off the dams.

Call the Clay County Sheriff's Office 904-264-6512


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