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Ad Valor em Tax removal

The Board approved June 7, 2010 that if the referendum passes it will eliminate the one mil Ad Valor em Tax (the tax per $1,000 in property values).  Please vote yes and save our lakes & dams.

June 2010 Mail Ballot Referendum on Assessment Limit

June 2010 Mail Ballot Referendum on Assessment Limit

All registered voters will be mailed ballots between June 9th and 19th, 2010.  Ballots must be received in the Supervisor of Elections office no later than June 29th, 2010 in order to be counted.

Please see this link for more information:  http://www.lakeasbury.us/index.php/explanation-of-hb1547 .

You may also contact one of your board members http://www.lakeasbury.us/index.php/boardseats.

Board passes resolution calling for a referendum

The LAMSBD board unanimously passed resolution 10-01 at the May 3rd meeting, following the town hall meeting outlining district needs and capital projects.  Thank you to those who took the time to come, get informed and provide feedback.  Resolution 10-01 requests a mail ballot referendum be held June 29th to ask the voters of the district if they approve authorizing the Board to assess an amount not to exceed $600.00 annually against every lot in the district for improvements to the Lake Asbury, South Lake Asbury and Lake Ryan.   The board will present the request to the Clay County Board of Commissioners at their May 11th meeting.


HB 1547 signed by the Governor May 7th

Today Governor Crist signed HB 1547, which will allow the voters of our District to control our annual per lot assessment.

HB 1547 provides that if the board finds a need for a per lot assessment greater than the most recent maximum approved (currently $100), the question may be posed to the voters of the district in a referendum called for that purpose.  The assessment limit only changes if a majority of the voters approve.  Appeals to the legislature will no longer be needed if the residents wish to contribute more to protect our lakes, dams, property values, and very special way of life.  Sincere thanks to all those who have worked so hard over several years to make this happen, particularly Representative Bill Proctor, who has been a tireless champion for our district.

Lake Lowering

Lake Asbury is being lowered starting mid morning 4/20/2010.  It will be allowed to drop about 6 inches. South Lake Asbury is being lowered starting 4/21/2010 about 6 inches.  If it rains we will need to drop South Lake Asbury 10 to 12 inches.

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