Older Lake News

Dr. Haller and Dharmen Setaram to inspect the lakes.

Doug Charles called in Dr. Haller from the Univ. of FL and Dharmen Setaram, the rep for Aquathol to inspect the lakes. Here's a link to the 05/27/08 report. Here's a letter from Dr. Haller on 06/01/08.


Charles Aquatics stocked both lakes

Charles Aquatics stocked both lakes with 12"-14" triploid grass carp--2,300 in North Lake Asbury and 500 in South Lake Asbury.

Local bill number 1547 passed 2nd committee

CS/HB 1547 - Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District, Clay County was passed favorably out of Finance and Tax today. See details and track progress here

Sign Damage on Branscomb Road

You may have noticed the damage to the sign on Branscomb road.  An officer from Clay County Sheriffs Office said the sign may have been hit by a small red car, possibly a Kia with butterfly sticker(s) on the trunk.

Please be alert for this vehicle and share this information so this person can be caught.

Second application of Aquathol K (83 gallons)

The second application of Aquathol K (83 gallons) was applied to the remainder of North Lake. Click here for the Map. Charles Aquatic's 3/08 report.

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