Lake Asbury Municipal Services Benefit District. Photo by Stibolt

Lake Asbury is in Green Cove Springs, Florida.

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This website belongs to Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD), the special taxing district consisting of all owners of lake-front property.  This district was created with the LAMSBD CHARTER (HB 696, Chapter 86-392) in 1986.

LAMSBD determines how the taxes (collected by Clay County) are spent to support and maintain the lakes, dams, and associated properties. 

See below for meeting times and contact information for this
and other Lake Asbury civic associations.

News!! A conference on 9/4/09 at 10 AM with John Mitchell from the Governor's office.  Also on the call were Mr. Mitchell, Rep. Proctor, Wayne Flowers (LAMSBD's lawyer), and board members, Carl Kocher & Deann Bjornson.  Minutes of this call.

Update 7/1/09: Here's a link to the governor's letter about our request for stimulus money. 6/11/09: Gov. Crist has vetoed our bill! A response letter from Rep. Bill Procter. July 2009 Lakelighter article. Our bill, HB 713 had passed unanimously in the house and senate, but the governor vetoed it. Here's a link to the veto letter.

Weeds: Charles Aquatics will spray for hydrilla in front of your house for a fee.  Do not try to treat hydrilla with chemicals on your own. You could poison the fish and create a hazardous environment for pets and people alike or the wrong herbicide could kill your and your neighbors' lawns by using the poisoned lake water for irrigation.  You are encouraged to harvest hydrilla, to reduce its volume or biomass in the lakes.  This lets the carp catch up.

More on weeds...

We are ALL responsible 
for the lakes!

Actions that you can start now:

  • Rinse all plant matter and scum from your boat before and after launching into the lakes.

  • Follow The St. Johns River Water Management District's guidelines on watering—only 1 or 2 times per week before 10am or after 4pm on assigned days by address. Yes, even if you're drawing from the lake. 

  • Do NOT throw leaves, grass clippings or yard waste into the lakes or into the storm drains.  The lakes can't absorb all the extra organic material. Make sure your mowing service knows this, too.  Clear the debris from the storm drains near your house--we don't want all that extra sand and organic material to end up in the lakes.

  • Cut way back on fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide applications to your lawn.  Pick up after your dogs, too.  When too many nutrients wash into the lakes, it results in algal blooms and pollution.

  • Slow down the storm water going into the lakes.  Catch the water coming from your roofs into a series of rain barrels and install French drains and rain gardens to catch other runoff from roads and driveways.  More...

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The LAMSBD's mission, as determined by special legislation, is to use the tax money to maintain and improve the Lake Asbury properties including the three lakes associated with Lake Asbury and their dams.  The lakes are Lake Asbury or the North Lake, South Lake Asbury, and Lake Ryan.

Ongoing projects include:

  • treating and/or removing excess vegetation from the lakes.

  • managing the fish population.

  • treating the lakes to obtain reasonable water clarity.

  • controlling water levels and preventing possible flooding.

  • maintaining the integrity of the dams by mowing, clearing vegetation, and repairing erosion damage.

  • dredging and other major improvements.

  • testing water samples for nutrients and pollutants.

Dredge America in Lake Asbury -- the north lake.  Photo by Stibolt
Our 2006 dredging project 

Click here for more details 

LAMSBD Minutes of regular & special meetings as approved:

December 2009
October 2009
Conference call with Governor's office & Rep. Proctor, et al. 9/4/09
Watershed study 8/12/09
Assessment hearings 8/3/09
August 2009
July 2009
FL DEP site visit 06/09
June 2009
May 2009 
April 2009
March 2009
February 2009

January 2009

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LakeLighter Summaries:

November 2009
October 2009
September 2009
July 2009
May-June 2009 
April 2009 (LA  Law HB 713)
February 2009 (Vision Committee)
November 2008


For older minutes, old RFPs, and other documents please go to the archive page.

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Lake Asbury Municipal Services Benefit District
meets on the first Monday nights at 6:30pm 
(Except for September and November when it's the 2nd Monday)

Chair & Seat #1:

Carl Kocher


Diane Walker

Treasurer & 
Seat #6:


Seat #2:

Cooper Murphy

 Seat #5:

Rob Bowmaster

Vice Chair &
Seat #3:

DeAnn Bjornson

Seat #4:


Seat #7:

David Bush

Seat #8:

Cynthia Clark

Seat #9:

Ginny Stibolt

    Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District
P.O. Box 30252
Doctors Inlet, FL 32030-0252

"Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records.  If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to members of this board. Instead, contact this organization by phone or in writing."

Members of the board are appointed by Clay County Commissioners if there are no alternates applying for a seat.  If you would like to apply, here is the link to the page where you can fill out the application:

As of 06/08 information on board members and their seats and information from the supervisor of elections, if more than one person applies for a seat.

LAMSBD is not responsible for flood damage to residents' property.

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Other Lake Asbury Civic Associations: (All associations meet at the Lake Asbury Community Building on Branscomb Rd., next to the fire station.)

  • Lake Lot Owners' Association -- meets on the 3rd Mondays at 6:30pm
    Chair: Jan Workman,   613-5500
    Keys: Dave Brooks,     318-0897
    Controls access to the lakes, and boat ramps. It deals with boating and other usage issues.  

  • Lake Asbury Community Association -- meets the last Tuesdays at 7pm
    Chair: Gayward Hendry 673-8892
    Open to people both on the lakes and across the street from the lakes.  This association manages the community building, community property, community entry signs, and various community-wide activities. 

  • Lake Asbury Ladies Club -- meets on the first and third Tuesdays at 10am
    President: Wanda Green 282-1090
    The Ladies Club is associated with the Lake Asbury Community Association and manages the Lakelighter & various community activities.

  • Lake Asbury Riding Association -- meets on the 3rd Thursdays at 7pm
    President: Dana Olsen 282-8552
    Vice President: Lisa Buchanan 291-4352

Lake Asbury home page ~ Documents ~ Weeds ~ Dredging

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Chairs under the palms on the shores of Lake Asbury.  Photo by Stibolt

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